About Me

I’m Australian, and attended the University of Sydney for 2 years. I was taking a BSc, but also took two years of Philosophy classes. I then spent 1.5 years in film school at what is now called North Sydney College, before continuing my academic rambling by moving to the University of Mississippi. I then transferred to St. John’s College in Annapolis, MD, home of the “Great Books” programme, where I finally graduated. After working for a year while my wife attended school I went to graduate school in philosophy at the University of Virginia as a Presidential Fellow. Partway through my coursework period personal/family events arose that made it impossible to finish the degree, but the department was considerate enough to let me arrange things so that we could live in North Carolina for my third year, while I commuted back and forth each week to Virginia (roughly 5.5 hours each way). I also taught a course at the Virginia Military Institute in the Spring semester, along with one of my own design at the University of Virginia. With my coursework completed I left Virginia to attend law school at the University of Michigan, but the department allowed me to stay enrolled in the degree, and work on my thesis/dissertation as the opportunity arose (which happened rarely for quite a while, but impressively enough the faculty members with whom I work still talk to me whenever I contact them about it). My first summer after entering law school I was awarded a Peggy Browning Fund fellowship. While in law school I was the Symposium editor for the Michigan Journal of International Law, and arranged a Symposium with speakers from 7 countries. I also spent a semester at the European University Institute, in Florence. I currently work at an international law firm in New York, where I specialise in litigation and international arbitration. I’m married with two children, a cat, a Newfoundland, a Corgi, a frog and some fish. As of April 2007 I will be Lecturer in the Law School at the University of Warwick.