Notable Philosophy Books – Categorised

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Books are categorised first by subject matter. Lower down the page they are also categorised by philosopher, where they addressed in detail the work of a specific philosopher. A single book may, of course, be placed in more than one category.

This list is derived from reviews published in philosophy journals. Obviously you may find things of particular use for your own work that are not available here.  The goal of the methodology used in compiling the list was to attempt to capture the most significant books published each year, not every book that might be of interest. Thus, it should be clear from the length of this list that it is not an attempt to compile “classics” or “must read” books. The goal is simpler: if you are working on a given subject matter, this list should contain those books most likely to be helpful.  The methodology behind the lists is currently still being “tweaked”, so there will be changes in the future.  However, the ultimate methodology will be similar to the one used to compile the list below, so the final list will largely correspond to this one.

        Since the categorisation is still in process, a full list is available at the Uncategorised Books page.  If you think any of these books are improperly placed please let me know:

Status: All the books currently on the list from 2000-2001 have been added to this page (except those from the December 2005 update).