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  This page includes links to pages that I personally find helpful. There is obviously no attempt to be comprehensive, or to list every well-done philosophy page.

The Philosophical Gourmet Report
A very useful website for anyone interested in studying in an English-language graduate philosophy program. Includes rankings compiled by surveys of highly regarded English philosophers. As with any ranking it reflects a particular view of the subject, but in this case the view in question is held by of a signification portion of mainstream American philosophical academia. Consequently, even if you disagree with the rankings, it is a very useful (though certainly not definitive) guide for the prospects you will have of being employed by a major American philosophy department if you go to a particular graduate school.

A Web Site Dedicated to Counteracting the Excessive Influence of the Philosophical Gourmet Report
A very well done site criticizing an excessive over-reliance upon the Philosophical Gourmet Report, critiquing both the approach taken by the report and the problems that arise from students who merely follow the Report, rather than use it as merely one source of input. Obviously, many of the valid criticisms made on this site of the PGR would also apply to the lists on this site. Those wanting to know whether the PGR indeed reflects the views of the profession as a whole, or merely a notable section of it, should examine the signatories to the Letter of Concern regarding the PGR, which is at least as impressive as the list of philosophers taking part in the PGR.

Philosophy Graduate Schools Friendly to Continental Philosophy
An example of perhaps the best way for a “guide to graduate schools” to be done, this guide is compiled from the personal knowledge of a practicing philosopher. As such, of course, it has limitations in scope, and is heavily reliant upon the particular view of the individual in question, but it is a source that should certainly be consulted by anyone considering graduate study in philosophy at an American university.

Philosopher’s Information Center
The website of the publishers of the Philosopher’s Index, which is an excellent (if admittedly not perfect) database for philosophical research.  However, the commitment of the editors to maximise the usefulness and reliability of the Index is impressive, and it is not even a slight exaggeration to say that the information available on Philosophy Lists could simply not exist without their efforts.  The website for the Index also includes information on the journals that are indexed.

Philosophy Documentation Center
Publishers of, among other things, the Directory of American Philosophers and the International Directory of Philosophy and Philosophers. Both seem to rely exclusively upon information from departments, so the information can very in reliability and scope (e.g. whether junior faculty are included, what subjects faculty are described as interested in), but they are nonetheless wonderful resources.

British Society of Aesthetics – A Guide to Graduate Aesthetics in the UK, 2004-2005
An excellent resource for anyone interested in studying aesthetics in the UK. Includes descriptions of the research interests of faculty, as well as a short comment from the department in question.

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education
Includes very helpful reviews of all the philosophy programs in the United Kingdom, presenting useful background information on how the departments’ programs actually operate. These reviews are, however, from 2000/2001, so they should be read with an awareness that departmental operations in the meantime.

Philosophy Postgraduate Exchange Noticeboard
Run by the School of Philosophy at the University of Tasmania (Australia), the board aims to promote academic exchange among (mainly, but not exclusively) Philosophy postgraduate students anywhere in the world.  It is only in the very early stages, but may develop into a wonderful resource for anyone interested in studying outside their home country or region, whether for a short or long period of time.

Feminist Philosophy Graduate Programs
A nicely done guide to studying feminist philosophy at U.S. graduate philosophy departments.  Certainly not exhaustive, but then it doesn’t claim to be.  Nonetheless, anyone interested in studying feminist philosophy in the U.S. should find it very helpful.

Masters Degrees in the UK
A page by the British Philosophical Association, that provides basic information on the variety of philosophy Master’s degree programmes (specialised and general) available in the UK, as well as links to relevant websites.

The Athena Report: A Survey of Graduate Mentoring in Philosophy
A survey of graduate philosophy students, to produce information on the state of mentoring, with information provided by department.  It is not geographically restricted.

The Epistemology Page
This page, by Keith DeRose, includes a short but helpful guide to the most prominent English-language departments for graduate study in epistemology.