Philosophy Lists

The purpose of this webpage is to disseminate information on philosophical scholarship and education around the world. It is based on research begun in the mid-90s and still continuing. Although the information is presented in evaluative form, please note the caveats listed at the top of each page. The goal of this webpage is not to set up a list of “better” and “worse” in departments, journals, etc., but simply to make it easier for philosophers to access information on philosophy in countries/languages other than their own. Ultimately that can only be done by presenting information in an evaluative form.

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As will be clear, this site is under active development, both in terms of the information it contains, and the form in which it is presented. Any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated. Send any e-mail to

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The following information is currently included on this site:

1. Notable philosophy books – One page lists those books that have already been categorised, another contains a long list of books waiting to be categorised.

2. Survey of philosophy journals.

3. Survey of graduate philosophy departments – One page contains a single evaluative list of all the departments surveyed (Departments); a second page breaks down the list by country (Departments by Country); a third page breaks down the list of departments by specialty (Departments by Specialty), while a fourth displays the specialty listings for each department.  (Departmental Snapshots).

4. Survey of History and Philosophy of Science departments.

5. Information on academic life in various countries.

6. A Jobs page.

7. A Notices page for information I have been asked to post on journals, new books, calls for papers, etc.

8. A selection of links to pages that I personally find helpful.

9. An updates page, where I will list the changes I make.

The site will be updated on a regular basis. Other than regularly adding new information, the following are updates I am currently planning, in roughly the order in which I expect to address them. It should be clear from the list that these are not things I expect to complete within the next few weeks:

– Adding links to department and journal websites.
– Categorisation of journals by subject matter.
– A list of professional philosophical societies with webpages.
– More detailed descriptions of departments.
– Other things as they occur to me.

I hope you find the site useful, and please don’t hesitate to contact me with suggestions: If you’re uncomfortable using English I can read, with varying degrees of ability, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, so you’re welcome to use any of them. I will, however, most likely respond in English, but you’re unlikely to be reading this website if that is a problem. On that note, though, if anyone is interested in translating these textual parts of the site into any other language, let me know: Tony at

I wasn’t originally going to be adding any information about myself, since such information strikes me as rather irrelevant to the site, but after repeated requests I decided I may as well (Biographical).